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Some Common Problems of Cable Assembly and Wiring Harness

When encountering wiring harness problems, we must first understand what a wiring harness is. After understanding, we can discover the problem, find the problem, and solve the problem. A wire harness is a bunch of wires or cables that use low-cost components to organize their components together. Wire harnesses usually use thermoplastic sheathing materials to provide some protection for the wires and cables inside, but in most cases, these components already have their own protective covers, which minimizes the need for other protective measures. demand.

Some Common Problems of Cable Assembly and Wiring Harness

The wiring harness solves two basic problems in the electrical system (geometric restrictions and electrical requirements). Wire harnesses help provide a physical support system for cables and wires to be used in very specific spaces in an organized and protected manner. Wire harnesses are used in a wide range of applications, from aircraft engines to commercial and residential wires. Wire harnesses provide a low-cost solution for organizing and protecting specific cables and wire groups in the system.

Essentially, both wire harnesses and cable assemblies contain cables and wires. The main difference is the engineering design of the components to match the application. Wire harnesses are a low-cost means to provide a certain degree of protection for bundled cables and wires while keeping them organized for easy installation and maintenance. The cable assembly provides stronger protection by placing the assembly tightly in a strong outer sheath. Cable assemblies should be used in harsh environments, such as heat, friction or moisture may cause premature wear of cables or wires.

The core of the difference between wire harness and cable assembly is that wire and cable are two completely separate things. The wire is a single wire of conductive material, such as tin or copper. Once a bunch of wires is twisted or braided together and contained in a protective outer sheath, they become cables.

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