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What is CPC?

Yeahui is your source for protection cable, also known as CPC and connector. CPC named CATHODIC PROTECTION CABLE. The cables can be directly installed in just about any type of soil, as well as fresh, brackish or salt water environments.


CP cable is stranded copper conductor insulated with a black high molecular weight polyethylene compound that provides excellent abrasion , crush , oil and moisture resistance. Various national and international standards define the requirements for CP cable. Strictly speaking, the term includes the earthing conductor as well as the equipotential bonding conductors.

Any CPC is also an important consideration in the calculation of Earth Fault Loop Impedance.

You can contact one of our engineer advisors for help choosing the right CPC to work with your vehicle. Yeahui’s engineer advisors can also answer any question you have about cable harness assembly and connectors. You can reach them at 0086-755-27367704 or via email :