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How to wire a deutsch connector?

A lot of people have the deutsch connectors, but how to wire the deutsch connector ? Here we have some suggestions for your reference.

deutsch connector

The first step : Crimp pin or socket contact on stripped conductor per crimp tool instructions .

The second step : Insert wire with contact into the rear of the connector. Push until a click is felt and heard. A slight tug will confirm that it is properly locked in place. You can also look inside the connector to see that the contact shoulder is being properly retained by the small plastic finger of the housing.

The third step : Install Wedgelock

Receptacles-Once all contacts are in place , use needle nose pliers to insert the wedgelock , pressing firmly until it clicks into place .

Plugs-Once all contacts are in place , the wedgelock may be inserted by hand. Press until it clicks into place. On DT Series 3-Way Plugs , the arrow should point toward the exterior locking mechanism .

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