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The Difference Between Cable and Wire Harness

Cable assemblies and wiring harnesses are often confused. This confusion is understandable because many professionals can use these terms with each other, and the products themselves have very similar basic functions. However, these products and their uses are different, and the products themselves need to be redefined to accurately obtain the desired products. Yeahui will briefly explain the difference between cables and wiring harnesses, as well as the usage of each product worldwide.

The Difference Between Cable and Wire Harness

Before discussing the differences between cable assemblies and wiring harnesses, you need to understand the differences between wires and cables. Although these terms are completely different, they can be used with each other. Essentially, a wire is a bunch of conductive materials, such as brigade or copper. A cable is two or more wires that extend together. They are usually glued or woven together, which is why the cables you see look like a bunch of tangled wires.

Fundamentally, a wire harness is a simple outer sheath that covers some wires or cables. It is usually made of thermoplastic or thermoset materials and helps protect the wires from the environment. In most cases, the wire harness is already bundled with the cables and wires to be protected. This means you can open the harness and view the cables inside.

A cable assembly is a set of wires or cables covered by a stronger external product. Generally, they are made of heavy-duty materials, including shrink-wrapped thermoplastics, thermoplastic rubber, or vinyl. The functions of these components are similar to wiring harnesses, including keeping wires and cables organized, but are designed for use in completely different environments.

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