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Quality Insurance

Under TUV ISO9001:2015 certified, we have developed a complete quality assurance system that convinced worldwide users  with high-quality connectors.
Our quality system is designed to supply yeahui cable quality, J1939 connectors, agriculture coonector, quality management and connector quality control that are best in class to meet our customers’ expectations.

  • obd connector

    Connectors are RoHS compliant. Phthalate-free plasticizers, NON-recycled raw material. Raw cable with UL proved.

  • quality connector

    IQC, standard electrical testing, test after assembly, internal mould testing, external mould testing, visual inspection, IPC personnel supervision, 100% testing before delivery.

  • custom cable

    Engineering and technical support on tooling designs to ensure manufacturability

  • Yeahui

    We deliver what promised to customer.

National Standard Military Testing Instruments

Cable Test Machine, Plug Test Machine, Cable Bending Tester, insulation resistance and withstand voltage tester, Insertion & Pull force tester, torque tester


Internal Production Method
  • Jacket
  • Cable
  • Terminal
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Internal
  • Testing
  • External
  • Testing
  • Appearance
  • Packing
What Is The Difference Between Us And Others?

We can supply high quality connector.Generally, there are such phenomena in the defective products, appearance defects, poor function (broken wire or short circuit), incorrect wiring, sometimes the length of the wire is not the same and not produced according to the drawings. If the appearance is defective, some other manufacturers may not handle it without affecting the use. Yeahui has a strict quality manual on this aspect, directly scrapped and re-produced, tested again, and must be fully inspected from function to appearance. For the defective products that appear in the production process, we set up special defective areas for QC and engineers to analyze and solve defective products instead of not handling them.Which do you prefer, the high-quality connector or the general connector?

What Is The Difference Between Us And Others?

  • Yeahui’s Product

    ● Original terminal

    ● Reasonable mold structure

    ● Better appearance

    ● The wire structure uses Multi-strand thin copper wire to increase the service life of the wire, the outer jacket and the core material have a temperature resistance range of -30 ° C to 150 ° C PVC material.

  • Others

    ● Terminal simplified version

    ● Terminal plugging and unplugging is not reliable

    ● Mold design is not good

    ● Thin wire structure

    ● Short service life