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​What is a vehicle wire harness?

Automobile wiring harness is the main body of automobile circuit network, without wiring harness there is no automobile circuit. Wiring harness is the assembly of power and signal transmission and distribution system of the whole equipment, and it converts the signal into a current to the rest of the equipment in the overall device. The composition of the automobile wiring harness: connector, wire conductor, the terminal, the plug protection sleeve and so on constitute.

What is a vehicle wire harness?

Vehicle wiring harness  is distributed all over the car, just like the blood vessel of the human being, which is used to transmit information and energy. It divided into the carrier-driven actuator power and power line from the functional distinction, and the transmission of sensor input instructions of the signal line two. A power line is a thick wire that carries a large current, and a signal line is a thin wire that does not carry power; It can be divided into engine wiring harness, dashboard wiring harness, body wiring harness, door wiring harness and front wiring harness.

1. Notes for installing automotive wiring harness:

(1)  Don't pull the harness too tight, especially around corners.

(2)  When connecting an electrical appliance, according to the specification of the connector and the color of the wire or the color of the bushing at the junction, respectively, connected to the electrical appliance,

(3) The wire harness should be fixed by clamp spring or trip nail to avoid loosening and abrasion.


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