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Characteristics of Wires of Different Materials

In many industrial productions, the use of wire is indispensable. It is also called a cable. In terms of appearance, its length and diameter can be customized. The most common specification is a material with a diameter of 5mm-15mm. From the point of use, it is necessary to choose according to the situation of use.

Characteristics of Wires of Different Materials

Regarding the wire classification: divided into electronic wires, wires, terminal wires, PU wires, electronic wires, wires, electronic connecting wires, connecting wires, and flat wires.

The current common molding wire materials are generally PVC and TPE. Both types of wire have their own advantages. The wire harness made of TPE feels smooth and does not stick to your hands, and can achieve a matte or delicate data line surface; the raw materials are safe and non-toxic, will not cause irritation to human skin, and do not contain toxic plasticizers. This type of material is suitable for wire harnesses that are in close contact with the human body. The wire harness made of traditional PVC material has high chemical stability (rainproof, fireproof, anti-static, easy to shape). PVC has low investment and high output, high mechanical strength, and good corrosion resistance. This type of raw material is suitable for building materials, medical, electronics, automobiles, and other fields.

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