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Understand What's IEC 60529 Standard

IP67. IP68 is a well-known waterproof level, but after hearing IEC 60529, I am at a loss, not knowing what this series of numbers is. Next, let me take a look at what is the IEC 60529 standard.

Understand What's IEC 60529 Standard

International Protection Marking (IEC 60529) is also called Ingress Protection Rating or IP Code. Sometimes called "waterproof grade" "dustproof grade", etc., it defines the degree to which mechanical and electronic equipment can provide protection against solid foreign body intrusion (including body parts such as fingers, dust, gravel, etc.), liquid infiltration, and accidental contact Protection ability. This standard focuses on providing users with more detailed product information, not just vague marketing vocabulary, such as "waterproof."

However, the standard has not been publicly released. The number in the code indicates compliance with the conditions in the table below. When it does not meet any of the conditions, the digit is replaced by the letter "X". For example, a socket with a nominal IP22 can effectively prevent the insertion of fingers without damage, and it will not become dangerous due to dripping water in a vertical or near-vertical situation. The minimum design standard for such indoor sockets is IP22 or IP2X. The phone with a nominal IP67 can be completely dust-proof and can be placed in the deepest water of 1m, and also has the ability to resist high-pressure water column.

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