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Inspection Conditions of IPC620 Standard

This standard lists objective, acceptance, and unfavorable conditions for different grades of products, and concession acceptance is also included. During the inspection, the inspector does not have to choose the level of product acceptance for assembly. This standard will provide the inspector with the level of product acceptance, the conditions are as follows: 

1. Objective: This state is close to perfect. This is an ideal situation and cannot be achieved. It is not necessary to ensure that the assembly requirements of this level are met.

Inspection Conditions of IPC620 Standard

2. Acceptance: The conditions need not be perfect, but the product must maintain the integrity and stability of the assembly in the working environment.

3. Concession acceptance: The condition of concession acceptance is not to affect the composition, installation, function, or stability of the product. Conditions such as materials, design, operators, or machines do not meet acceptable standards or are defective products. Concession acceptance should establish a tracking system in process control. Concession acceptance refers to the loss of control in the process, such as abnormal changes, identification of bad tendencies, or others, the process must be analyzed. The analysis results can reduce the table and increase the output. The treatment accepted by concession means that it can be used without affecting the product. The process control method is the use of electronic welding or electronic assembly in the planning, realization, and evaluation of the manufacturing process. The principles and strategies are implemented. The tools and processes can be applied to the process control and performance requirements of special companies, operations, or final products. The manufacturer needs to evaluate the most recent process control or continuous improvement plan.

4. Bad: Bad is the acceptance condition that does not meet the standard, and the structure, installation, function, or stability of the assembly in the final use environment is defective. The manufacturer must deal with each defect and have documentation support.

5. Disposal: The definition of disposal is how to treat defective products. Treatment methods include, but are not limited to, rework, concession acceptance, scrap or repair. Customers should be notified of concession acceptance.

6. The meaning of product grade: If grade 1 is a defective product, grades 2 and 3 are defective products. If level 2 is a defective product, it means that level 3 is a defective product, which does not mean that the product of level 1 is a defective product unless otherwise required.

7. Unspecified status: The unspecified defective status or process control status can be considered acceptable unless it can be determined that this status affects the end user-defined product composition, installation, function, and reliability.

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