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Control of Tools and Equipment in the IPC620 Standard

During the production process, tool and equipment control is something every manufacturer must master. How to control tools and equipment? Each manufacturer must:

Control of Tools and Equipment in the IPC620 Standard

1. Select tools for crimping, thread cutting, peeling, binding, measuring, testing, and achieving the expected function in the prepared workplace.

2. Clean and proper maintenance tools and equipment.

3. Check the performance of the tool, using in cabling, to prevent tangible loss.

4. Prevent unidentified, defective, and unverified tools from entering the workplace.

5. There should be documents detailing the operating procedures and maintenance intervals for tool and equipment verification or setting.

6. Records shall be made on the effectiveness or functional tests of tools and equipment.

According to domestic or foreign standards. The manufacturer must establish a verification system. This standard must include:

1. The measurement standard is suitable for tools that need to be glamorous and must be traceable to official standards. The verification tool must be carried out in an environment suitable for the tool.

2. The calibration interval must be based on the tool type and calibration record. The increase or decrease of the interval time must be determined based on the stability of the previous verification record.

3. Save the verification record.

4. The label on the tool must contain the following: the date of verification, the effective date of verification, and limitations of use. If the tool cannot be labeled, it must be attached to the toolbox or specified as a document in the procedure. Tool identification.

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