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What is the IPC620 Standard

The IPC standard is the most important standard document for electronic engineering personnel. It has very authoritative and enforceable regulations on the reliability, safety, standardization, and manufacturability of electronic equipment and systems.

What is the IPC620 Standard

This standard is an appearance acceptance standard related to cable assembly established by the Cable Assembly Association and the Electronic Connection Products Committee. If no standards for process inspection and finished product inspection are defined, IPC 620 can be used as the inspection standard document for the product alone. It establishes process control or defective products that allow repair/rework. This information suggests that it needs to be improved through statistical process control plans.

IPC 620 mainly includes the following: conductor/cable preparation, measurement of cable assemblies and conductors, crimp terminals, insulation piercing connections, solder terminals, connector connections, compression/injection molding, articulation, marking/labeling, Fastening, wire harness/cable electrical shielding, wire harness/cable protection layer, coaxial and biaxial cable assembly, no soldering.

The customer has the ultimate responsibility to identify which level is acceptable. Therefore, the decision to accept or reject must be based on relevant standards, such as contracts, drawings, specifications, standards, and reference documents. There are three product levels in this standard. as follows:

Level 1-General electronic products: The main function of the product after assembly is application.

Level 2-Dedicated electronic products: The product requires that it can continue to be used beyond its life cycle and can operate without accidents. The characteristic is that the environment of the end-user will not cause damage to the product.

Level 3-High-tech electronic products: the use of the product is extremely strict, no equipment is allowed to be shut down, the environment of the end-user is extremely unusual, and the function of the equipment must also meet the requirements, such as its life cycle requirements and other Special requirements.

If the standards conflict, the following sequence must be followed:

1. Unify the standards of customers and suppliers.

2. Sample drawings and assembly drawings should reflect the detailed requirements of customers.

3. Provide IPC 620 to the customer or be reflected in the contract.

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