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Which Aspects should be Considered when Selecting Wire

The selection of wire should be considered from the aspects of circuit conditions, ambient temperature, and mechanical strength.

Which Aspects should be Considered when Selecting Wire

First. Circuit conditions:

1. Allowable current: Allowable current refers to the current value at normal temperature. The allowable current of the wire should be greater than the maximum current of the circuit.

2. The voltage drop of wire resistance: When the wire is long, use a wire with a large diameter to reduce the influence of resistance on the voltage.

3. Rated voltage and insulation: In use, the maximum voltage of the circuit should be lower than the rated voltage of the wire.

4. Signal shielding: When the signal level is small, it is susceptible to interference from noise signals. Shielded wires are often used to overcome the interference.

Second. Environmental conditions:

1. Temperature: Temperature will make the insulation layer of the wire soft and hard and cause a short circuit.

2. Electrochemical resistance: Under normal circumstances, the wire should not be in direct contact with chemicals or sunlight.

Three, mechanical conditions:

The selected wire should have tensile resistance, wear-resistance and flexibility, lightweight, and vibration resistance.

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