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How to Distinguish the Quality of Wire and Cable

The distinction between the quality of wire and cable: 1. Good quality wire, the weight is within the specified range. 2. Observe whether there is quality system certification, anti-counterfeiting mark, whether the packaging is intact; whether the certificate of conformity is standardized. Observe the packaging for the factory name, address, inspection seal, production date; whether the trademark specifications, voltage, etc. are printed on the wires. Looking at the cross-section of the copper core of the wire, the color of the copper is bright, the color is soft, and the copper core is a reddish yellow to yellow, indicating that the copper material used is of good quality, while the yellowed copper is white. The inferior copper core wire is purple-black, yellowish, or white, with many impurities, poor mechanical strength, and poor toughness. It will break with a little force, and the wire is often broken.

How to Distinguish the Quality of Wire and Cable

How to check? Teach everyone a small way. Take a piece of wire, peel off one end 2-5cm, then rub a little bit on the copper core with a piece of white paper. If there is a black substance on the white paper, it means there are more impurities in the copper core. In addition, counterfeit and inferior wires are often three-no-products, but there will be ambiguous signs of origin, such as made in China, made in a province or city in China.

It is stipulated in the relevant standards that the error of wire length measurement cannot exceed ±0.5%, and the interface wire diameter cannot exceed ±0.1%. In terms of price, many people like good quality and low price, and some people make fake and inferior electric wires to make people fooled. Quality determines the price.

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