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The Meaning of the Coding of the M12 Connector

The M12 connector is a circular connector with a 12mm locking thread used for sensors, actuators, Fieldbus, and industrial Ethernet, mainly used in factory automation applications. The waterproof grade is IP67 and IP68. The best choice for flushing and corrosive environments.

The Meaning of the Coding of the M12 Connector

For specific applications. The customer must choose the correct pinpoint. The M12 connector has multiple codes. Therefore, according to different applications, you also need to choose the correct encoding.

A code for sensors, DC power supply, and 1Gbit Ethernet

B code is Profibus

C code is AC power

D code is 100Mbit Ethernet

X encoding is 10Gbit Ethernet

S for AC power (will replace C code)

T for DC power supply (may replace A code)

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