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Yeahui-Birth of Excellence

With the global outbreak of the epidemic, the industry situation is grim. The passion of Yahui's business department was not affected by the epidemic. Instead, it was thinking whether to perish in adversity or to look for that trace of light in adversity. How can we grow in adversity and stimulate everyone's potential? Is it to create an ideal team? On the 16th of 20205, the beginning of the whole thing, the business department had dinner. When everyone drank a little wine and had a little drink, they all expressed their own opinions. A sapling came out of the ground.

Yeahui-Birth of Excellence

The business department met on May 22, 2020, to discuss. What kind of team do we want to build? After three hours of discussion, the result is that we want a team that insists on being creative, pursuing efficiency, and achieving common progress.

The meeting on May 29, 2020, was to determine the team name and Slogan. The Excellence Team was born. The slogan is "beyond the ordinary, toward excellence".

On June 5, 2020, the day when the Excellence Team was officially established, we invited the staff of other departments of the company to witness the establishment of the Excellence Team.