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How to Visually Identify the Appearance of Wires and Cables

We can identify from the following 5 aspects.

How to visually identify the appearance of wires and cables

1. PVC sheath: The surface can see the regular "unevenness" of the braided mesh inside, indicating that the processing technology is good and there will be no relative slippage, which is a good cable. The appearance is smooth, and the "unevenness" of the compressed braid is not visible, and the jacket has a loose feeling with the hand. It is a poor cable;

2. Check the screen of the shielding layer: whether the number of the screen is enough for copper, check the solderability, tinned copper wire scraping to see if it is copper wire, the hardness of the aluminum-magnesium alloy wire is significantly greater than the copper wire; the screen is sparse and distributed Uneven, not tightly wrapped with insulation, etc. are poor cables;

3. Check the core wire: diameter-SYV cable is 0.78-0.8mm, SYWV cable is 1.0mm; recently an SYV75-5 core wire diameter is 1.0mm cable, the characteristic impedance of this cable is definitely not 75 Ohm, not applied to 75-ohm transmission system;

4. Check the adhesion force of the core wire and the insulation layer: Cut the insulation layer obliquely and pull the core wire away in the stripping direction to see if the core wire and the insulation layer are bonded with process materials; good cables have a large adhesion force, poor The cable is not contaminated;

5. Longitudinal tensile test: take one meter of cable, peel off the core wire in layers, insulation layer, shielding layer, outer house, and leave each 10 cm long. The method is: two hands hold the adjacent two layers of the cable and pull in the opposite direction; the good cable generally cannot be pulled by force, and the poor cable can be easily pulled out without much effort-the elevator cable is very important, many so-called "Elevator special cables" have problems in this regard.

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