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Ideal for Rail Transit-M12 Circular Connector

Nowadays, there is a "high-speed rail fever" in the world. China's high-speed rail has already taken the lead in the world's high-speed rail from technology introduction to technology output and has successfully won global attention. With the development of high-speed rail technology, its data transmission has been steadily increasing. Ethernet is the most popular and mature network technology in the world today. It has the advantages of low price, high speed, easy networking, and easy connection to the Internet. It has advantages in high-speed data transmission and remote driving operation monitoring. Industrial Ethernet provides a high bandwidth to satisfy many IP-based applications. Since adopting Ethernet to provide network channels for the train's PIS system (passenger information system), air conditioning system, contact network, traction brake, and other systems, the original CAN bus transmission method was quickly replaced.

Ideal for rail transit-M12 circular connector

As passengers' demands for comfort are increasing, Ethernet-based networks bring many nuanced benefits to travelers in railway infrastructure. The new generation of trains can meet the operator's needs for efficiency savings and new consumption loads (including first-class office equipment, entertainment, and passenger information). It also leads to more and more complicated applications on the side of the track and on the train. The reliability has raised higher requirements. Facing the ever-increasing data transmission requirements, the complex application environment of railways, and the trend of miniaturization of rail transit connectors, YeaHui actively faced these challenges and continuously innovated the circular connector M12 product to ensure that it was provided in a continuously moving environment. Faster and more reliable communication:-Provide A, B, C, D, X, fully coded M12 products to meet different application requirements-Innovative X-coded products provide data transmission up to 10G-Maximum support for 17-bit high-density Signal transmission-power transmission of up to 16A, providing new and compact power connection options for in-vehicle equipment-SMD and THR welding technology to achieve fully automatic assembly-Tolerance compensation design automatically compensates connector and panel tolerances, solving M12 application panel installation tolerances The problem is safe and reliable data transmission. For high-speed EMUs running at speeds above 300km/h, as the power source of the train, reliable bow-net contact is an important guarantee for the safe operation of the EMU. Can high-speed, real-time, safe, Stable transmission of monitoring data of pantograph contact state is the key to the catenary monitoring system? Traditional M12 data connectors are difficult to meet such real-time requirements in terms of transmission rate and signal integrity.

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