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Classification of IP Grade

What is IP rating? IP is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection. The IP rating is the level of protection against the intrusion of foreign objects by electrical equipment enclosures. The source is the International Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC 60529. This standard was also adopted as a US national standard in 2004. In this standard, for the protection of electrical equipment enclosures against foreign objects, the format of the IP rating is IPXX, where XX is two Arabic numerals, the first marked number represents the protection level of contact protection and foreign objects, and the second marked number represents the waterproof protection level, The specific protection level can refer to the table below.

Classification of IP grade

The IP protection level is an important indicator of the safety protection of electrical equipment. IP and other protection level systems provide a method for classifying products based on the degree of dustproof, waterproof, and collision resistance of electrical equipment and packaging. This system has been obtained by most European countries. Approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and announced in the IED529 (BS EN 60529: 1992) outer packaging protection level (IP code). The protection level is mostly expressed by IP followed by two numbers, and the number is used to clarify the protection level. The first number indicates the range of the equipment's resistance to fine dust or the degree to which people are protected from harm in a sealed environment. I represent the level to prevent the entry of solid foreign objects, the highest level is 6; the second number indicates the degree of waterproofing of the device. P represents the level of preventing water ingress, the highest level is 8.

Dust level

0 No protection No special protection

1 Prevent the intrusion of objects larger than 50mm to prevent the human body from accidentally touching the internal parts of electrical equipment

2 Prevent intrusion of objects larger than 12mm Prevent fingers from touching internal parts of electrical equipment

3 Prevent the intrusion of objects larger than 2.5mm Prevent the intrusion of tools, wires or objects with a diameter larger than 2.5mm

4 Prevent the invasion of objects larger than 1.0mm Prevent the invasion of mosquitoes, insects or objects larger than 1.0mm in diameter

5 Dustproof It is impossible to completely prevent the intrusion of dust, but the amount of intrusive dust will not affect the normal operation of the electrical

6 Dustproof

waterproof level

0 No protection No special protection

1 Prevent dripping water from entering

2 Prevent drip intrusion when tilted at 15 degrees When the electrical equipment is tilted at 15 degrees, it can still prevent dripping

3 Prevent the intrusion of sprayed water Prevent rainwater or water sprayed vertically into the direction with an angle of fewer than 50 degrees

4 Prevent splash water intrusion Prevent splash water splash in all directions

5 Prevent the intrusion of large waves of water

6 Prevent the intrusion of large waves of water Electrical equipment is immersed in water for a certain period of time or under the condition of water pressure, which can still ensure the normal operation of the equipment

7 Prevent intrusion of intrusive water Indefinite submerged water in electrical equipment can still ensure the normal operation of the equipment under a certain water pressure

8 Prevent sunken effects

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