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What is CE Certification

The CE mark is a safety qualification mark instead of a quality qualification mark. It is the "main requirement" that forms the core of the European Directive. The "CE" mark is a safety certification mark e5a48de588b662616964757a686964616f31333431356136, which is regarded as a passport that manufacturers open to enter the European market.

What is CE Certification

CE stands for European Unification (CONFORMITY EUROPEENNE). The "CE" mark in the EU market is a mandatory certification mark. Whether it is a product produced by an enterprise within the EU or a product produced by another country, if it is to be circulated freely in the EU market, the "CE" mark must be affixed to indicate the product It meets the basic requirements of the EU "Technical Coordination and Standardization New Method" directive. This is a mandatory requirement imposed on products by EU law.

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