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REACH Certification

The REACH certification system requires that all existing chemicals and new chemicals with an annual output of more than 1 ton and chemical substances used in various products need to register their basic information. For chemicals with an annual manufacturing volume or import volume greater than or equal to 10 tons And chemical substances should also undergo chemical safety assessments and complete safety reports. The REACH decree covers not only chemical manufacturers but also importers, downstream industries, and many other fields, including light industry, electromechanical, and textile industries where chemicals are widely used.

REACH certification

As we all know, the EU "Regulations on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals" ("REACH") has been officially implemented. According to the regulations, the European Commission will establish a unified chemical monitoring and management system and complete the management of all related chemicals by 2012. Compared with the directives implemented by the European Union in recent years, the REACH regulation has a wider scope of influence. It will include about 30,000 chemical products on the EU market and their downstream textile, light industry, pharmaceutical, and other products into registration, evaluation, and licensing. Three management monitoring systems. Products that are not included in the management system cannot be sold on the EU market. REACH is the EU's law for the preventive management of all chemicals entering its market. It will be officially implemented on June 1, 2007.

Fifteen substances need to be checked: Anthracene Anthracene C14H10, 44'-Diaminodiphenylmethane 44'-Diaminodiphenylmethane C13H14N2, Dibutyl-phthalate Dibutyl phthalate C16H22O4, Triethyl arsenate Triethyl arsenate (C2H5) 3AsO4 , Cobalt dichloride CoCl2, Diarsenic pentaoxide arsenic pentoxide; arsenic anhydride; arsenic anhydride As2O5, Diarsenic trioxide arsenic trioxide; arsenic anhydride; arsenic; white arsenic; arsenic anhydride As2O3, sodium dichromate dehydrate sodium dichromate dehydrate Substance; sodium alum Na2Cr2O7? 2H2O, 5-tert-butyl-246-trinitro-m-xylene (musk xylene) 2,4,6-trinitro-5-tert-butyl m-xylene (xylene musk) C12H15N3O6, Bis (2-ethyl(hexyl)phthalate)(DEHP) Di(2-ethylhexyl phthalate) C24H38O4, Hexabromocyclododecane(HBCDD) Hexabromocyclododecane(HBCDD) Hexabromocyclododecane C12H18Br6, AlkanesC10-13chloro(Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffins) short chain Chlorinated paraffin (C10-13), Bis(tributyltin)oxide oxidized bistributyltin C24H54OSn2, Lead hydrogen arsenate PbHAsO4 and Benzyl butyl phthalate C19H20O4 (BBP).

The main content of REACH is to prove that daily-use products do not contain harmful chemical substances. Therefore, all daily-use products produced in the EU or imported into the EU market, which mainly refer to textiles, must pass the registration, inspection, and approval of the content of hazardous chemicals, and once they exceed the prescribed content, they cannot be sold on the EU market.

The purpose of REACH certification is to protect human health and the environment; maintain and improve the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry; increase the transparency of chemical information;

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