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The Role of Shielded Cable

The electromagnetic noise environment in industrial application sites is often very complicated. The radiation or conduction (EMI) of electromagnetic noise may seriously interfere with the normal operation of electromechanical equipment. In this process, an important carrier of electromagnetic noise propagation is the various cables used in the production line equipment. Some of them are noise sources, and some are disturbing objects. As a noise source, the cable will transmit noise to the surrounding lines and equipment like a radio transmitting antenna; as the object of interference, the cable will absorb noise interference from other radiation sources like the receiving antenna.

The Role of Shielded Cable

For the application areas that may be affected by various types of noise sources, please refer to the list above. It should be noted that large power switches, induction heaters, large transformers, etc. may emit a high level of conducted noise and radiated interference; placing the signal cable near the power line will also couple the noise to the signal line Up.

To combat electromagnetic noise interference on electrical lines, a very important way is to use shielded cables. A shielded cable is a cable with one or more (insulated) wires wrapped by a common conductive layer. This common conductive layer is the shielding layer of the cable. It is generally composed of braided strands of copper (or other metals such as aluminum), non-woven spirally wound copper wires or conductive polymer layers. Signal or power wires can be wrapped inside the shielding layer to prevent electromagnetic noise interference in two ways. On the one hand, it can simply reflect the noise energy as an isolation layer; on the other hand, it can absorb noise and conduct it to the ground, which becomes the return path of the noise signal.

And in any case, electromagnetic noise will not be directly transmitted to the line conductor. Although sometimes the noise energy may still pass through the shielding layer, usually it has been attenuated to a great extent, it is difficult to cause interference. Therefore, regardless of whether the cable itself is an interference source or an object to be interfered with, it will be very effective to use shielding for it. Cable shielding will have different performance levels, providing different degrees of the shielding effect. At the same time, there are many factors that determine the demand for shielding, such as electrical application environment, cost (ie: why should we pay a high cost for more shielding?), And cable diameter, weight, and flexibility ... and other issues.

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