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Structure of M12 connector

M12 connector is a device that connects two active devices. It is a plug and socket that transmits current or signals. It is also called a connector in China. The product is waterproof, oil-resistant, cold-resistant, stable in performance, efficient and fast connection, widely used in photoelectric switches, sensors, And in various industrial wiring systems.

Structure of M12 connector

M12 connector structure: M12 connector consists of three basic units: shell, insulator, and contact body.

Shell: M12 connector shell refers to the shell of the plug and socket, connecting nut, tail attachment. The role of the shell is to protect the internal parts of the M12 connector, such as insulators and contact bodies (collectively called pin jacks), from damage. The above positioning key ensures the positioning of the plug and the socket. The connecting nut is used to connect and disconnect the plug and socket. The tail attachment is used to protect the termination of the wire and the contact body from damage and is used to fix the cable. The shell also has a certain electromagnetic shielding effect and waterproof function. The shell is generally made of plastic processing (machine processing, cold extrusion, die casting). Steel shells are mostly used for glass sealing welding and high temperature resistant electrical connectors.

Insulator: It consists of a pin insulator and an insulator. The interface is made up of a strict body and line sealing body. And keep the pin inserted in the set position, separate between each contact body and each contact body and shell through insulator plus interface sealing body sealing wire body to obtain sealing measures to improve the environmental resistance of the electrical connector.

The pin jack is a key component of an electrical connector, which directly affects the reliability of the electrical connector. The surface is silver-plated and gold-plated to achieve the purpose of low contact resistance and anti-corrosion. In order to adapt to the product's high-temperature resistance, low temperature, flame retardant, to ensure the stable and reliable geometric dimensions of parts. Most insulators are molded with thermoset plastic. The interface sealing body is formed by silicone rubber molding. The contact body is the general term of the pin jack, which is divided into soldering type and screw connection, etc., and is used to realize circuit connection. Such a method is faster and safer. The structural features are: environmental resistance, bayonet connection, multi-key position, contact body, and wire crimp connection.

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