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What are the classification of connector pin fixing methods?

The first one is a press-in type: the pin is fixed by means of forced press-in.

 A. The press-in type has the following advantages:

   1. Simple installation, no need to strip the insulated wire. Ensure a good electrical connection without damaging the wires.

   2. The cable branch can be made without stripping the insulation of the cable, and the joint is completely insulated.

   3. No need to cut off the main cable, you can make a tap point at any position of the cable.

   4. Cost savings, minimal installation space requirements, and cost savings.

   5. No need for cable return, saving cable investment.

What are the classification of connector pin fixing methods?

The second type, epoxy type: After the insulation and casing are perforated, use epoxy to fix the pins.

B. Epoxy has the following advantages:

   1. High bonding strength, especially suitable for products with inserts and coils, plastic shell packaging of electronic devices

   2. The molding shrinkage rate is low, the size is stable, and it is not easy to crack.

   3. Excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance.

   4. Strong chemical resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and organic solvent resistance.

   5. Excellent electrical properties can be used as high-frequency and high-voltage insulation materials, arc resistance and resistance to surface leakage is stronger than general insulation materials

The third type, point riveting type: after pressing in, the point riveting shell fixes the pin.

 C. The point riveting type has the following advantages:

    Point riveting assembly is the simplest structure, high reliability, cost-effective permanent fixing assembly method, which can be riveted and fixed at multiple points without the need to add any adhesives, solvents, fillers, and fasteners, and does not consume a lot of energy, The equipment is compact, the floor space is small, the process is vibration-free, pollution-free, noise-free, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, fast, efficient, high-quality, beautiful, and the metal components assembled in this way are firm, tight, stable, and have high impact resistance Corrosion resistance, shock resistance, and strong weather resistance.

Fourth, barbed type: the wing shape is processed on the pin and fixed on the insulator.

 D. The barbed type has the following advantages:

    The structure is simple, the assembly is convenient, the reliability is high, the processing technology is simple, and the production cost is low.

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