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Common material properties of connectors

The commonly used materials in connectors are metal materials and plastic materials. A connector is basically composed of these two materials. As we have said before, there are three kinds of the most commonly used materials, which are brass materials. , Phosphor bronze material and beryllium copper material, the three materials are alloy materials, and whether the material is selected or not is also selected according to the characteristics of the material, then several commonly used metal materials in the connector are respectively What are the characteristics?

Common material properties of connectors

Just like the characteristics of the plastic materials commonly used in the connectors we mentioned before, the selection of each material is based on the characteristics of the material! Let's talk about the characteristics of the metal material in the connector; the cheapest of the commonly used metal materials for the connector is the brass material. The brass material is composed of copper and zinc elements. Its advantages are mainly " "Three good", namely: good elasticity, good strength, and good molding quality! And in terms of price, it is also the cheapest of the three metal materials, and the shortcomings of brass are also obvious, mainly because its stress is not strong and it is easy to be damaged by corrosion; phosphor bronze It is composed of copper and tin elements. Its advantage is that it will be stronger than brass, and its elasticity will be better than brass! And its disadvantage is that its conductivity is lower than brass, and the price is much more expensive than brass material!

The best one of the commonly used metal materials for connectors is probably copper beryllium. The copper-beryllium material is composed of copper and beryllium. The advantages of its material characteristics are its excellent conductivity and good wear resistance. Not only that, but the strength and elasticity of the beryllium copper material are better than that of the other two metal materials. Its disadvantage is its price. The price of the beryllium copper material is very expensive!

As shown in the picture above, the M12 4 pin waterproof connector produced by YeaHui. The material of its pins is gold-plated brass, which has the advantages of preventing oxidation, keeping the resistance value unchanged, wear-resistant, and good continuity.

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