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Widely Used Metal Material of Connectors

The use of metal materials is indispensable in the manufacturing process of connectors. Parts such as the terminals of connectors need to use metal materials. Of course, there are also connectors with metal shells. We call them metal connectors. The connector needs to use a lot of metal materials! At present, the materials used in connectors are plastic materials and metal materials. The plastic materials that are commonly used in connectors are known to us. So what are the metal materials used in connectors?

Common connector metal material

There are five types of plastic materials commonly used in connectors, and there are three types of plastic materials commonly used in connectors: brass, phosphor bronze and thus copper, brass metal It are divided into two types, one is ordinary brass material composed of copper and zinc elements, and the other is brass material composed of more than two elements, and the metal material used in the connector is ordinary brass material; The phosphor bronze material is composed of copper and tin. Among them, the phosphor bronze material contains 0.001 ~ 0.004 phosphorus and 0.2 ~ 0.8 tin element, the rest is copper, the last commonly used metal material is such copper, so the copper material is Composed of ─ and copper, of which ─ element content is about 0.2 ~ 2.5%.

The above is the introduction of commonly used metal materials for connectors. These three metal materials are all copper alloys, and the application of these materials is based on the different material characteristics of the three materials and the application environment of the product. It is the same as the characteristic of the plastic material commonly used in the connector that we have said before!

As shown in the figure above, this is an M12 8-pin connector independently developed by YeaHui, opened and produced in mass. Its wiring range: 0.14 / 0.25 / 0.34 /0.5mm²/ (26/24/22/20 AWG). The pin material used is gold-plated brass, which has the advantage of having alternative wear resistance and continuity.

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