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Plastic material characteristics of commonly used connectors

The two major materials of the connector are believed to be familiar to everyone. They are plastic connectors and metal connectors. The choice of the two materials will be based on different product requirements or different application environments. There are five types of plastic materials most commonly used in plastic connectors, namely: PPS material, LCP material, ABS material, PBT material and nylon material, and these different materials will also have Different characteristics also have their own advantages and disadvantages!

Plastic material characteristics of commonly used connectors

The most commonly used plastic materials in the above connectors have their own material characteristics. Among them, the nylon material is divided into two types, one is the ordinary nylon material and the other is the high-temperature nylon material. The ordinary nylon material has excellent chemistry The advantages of tolerance and high strength, the disadvantage is that the material's easy moisture will cause the electrical function of the connector to decrease, and the advantages of high-temperature nylon material will have higher toughness and ductility than ordinary nylon material! The disadvantages are the same as ordinary nylon materials, and the cost will be higher than that of ordinary nylon materials! The material characteristics of PBT are its excellent moisture resistance and high strength. At the same time, it also has excellent chemical resistance, and the disadvantage of PBT is that its cost will be higher than the cost of high-temperature nylon material, and it is also not suitable for surface mounting technology!

The characteristics of ABS material are its dimensional stability, high strength, and excellent chemical resistance. Our OBDII connector with enclosure are used with ABS to meet the automotive enviroment.The heat deformation temperature is 93 ~ 118 ℃, and the product is further increased by about 10 ℃ after relay processing. ABS can still work at -40 ℃. The advantage of ABS material is its transmission resistance and its excellent chemical resistance. The disadvantage is that it can replace ketones, aldehydes, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It is attacked by glacial acetic acid and vegetable oil Stress cracking will occur. ABS has poor weather resistance and is prone to degradation under the action of ultraviolet light; after half a year outdoors, the impact strength drops by half. The above is the introduction of the material characteristics of common plastic connectors!

As shown in the picture above, our YH1016 is made of ABS material and complies with REACH and ROHS standards. It has a wide range of applications. Such as the OBDII-CAN programming tool, GPS tracker, diesel engine optimization device, multifunctional diagnostic scanner, EOBD general diagnostic tester, multifunctional diagnostic scanner, diesel injector test, ECU programmer, EOBD / OBDII diagnostic information reading Device, OBD module Bluetooth.

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