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Commonly used plastic materials for connectors

In the manufacture of connectors, more plastic materials and metal materials will be used. According to the ratio, when a connector is made of metal materials, we call it a metal connector, otherwise, when a connector Most of them use plastic materials and then belong to plastic connectors. Plastic connectors often show that, in addition to the necessary metal parts such as terminals, the rest of the material is replaced by plastic materials such as shells. The plastic materials used in plastic connectors are also different, so what are the commonly used plastic materials for connectors?

Commonly used plastic materials for connectors

There are generally two types of connector materials, namely plastic materials, and metal materials; commonly used plastic materials are: nylon plastic materials, PBT plastic materials, PCT plastic materials, PPS plastic materials, and LCP plastic materials, of which nylon Plastic materials are divided into ordinary nylon materials and high-temperature nylon materials. The specific performance is the comparison of various properties. High-temperature nylon materials are better than ordinary nylon materials. Of course, the cost of high-temperature nylon materials is also better than ordinary ones. The cost of nylon material is higher! Among these five plastic materials, the scientific name of PBT material is polybutylene terephthalate, the full name of PCT is poly 1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol terephthalate, and the scientific name of PPS is polyphenylene sulfide. Ether, LCP scientific name liquid crystal polymer, five plastic materials are engineering plastics!

There is a one-step injection molding process in the manufacture of automotive connectors. This process is the stage of shaping the plastic materials of these common connectors. The selection of these plastic materials is mainly based on the application environment of the connector Choose according to its product requirements. The above plastic materials are the most common and commonly used plastic materials in connectors, and there are more than a few materials that need to be used in the manufacture of connectors!

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