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Connector material

Although there are more complicated types of connectors, there are only two kinds of connector materials, one is plastic material, which is often said to be a plastic material, and the other is metal material, although it is used in different connector products. The materials used are also different, but the final choice of the two material connectors is generally determined according to the use requirements of the connector and the application environment!

Connector material

In different environments, connectors of different materials are used, because in some ultra-high temperatures, or in environments where the strength of plastic materials is high, it is very unsuitable for plastic connectors to work, so you need to use the metal Material connector. Connectors of different materials are generally used in the corresponding fields, but more connectors of the two materials are mixed. For example, automotive connectors use both materials.

The terminal in the connector is metal and then fixed on the wire by welding. After wiring, the terminal and the rubber core are fixed by assembly and molding to form the connector. It is the same as the manufacturing process of the automotive connector we mentioned. The injection molding stage in the manufacturing process is the plastic material of the connector. Crimping and welding refer to the metal material in the connector.

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