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Work to improve the efficiency of harness processing

The planning of the production efficiency of the wiring harness is inseparable from the early stage documents of the major harness technology: assembly line operation instructions, Time Study, capacity calculation, optimization, and factory layout.

Work to improve the efficiency of harness processing

1. Pipeline operation instructions

Purpose: Instruct employees how to operate

Core: line balance

Contents: pre-insertion table, in-line and out-of-line line list, bill of materials, spare parts list, line laying list, glue station description, etc., material layout diagram, personnel layout diagram, production process layout diagram.

2. Time Study

Line balance and efficiency: IS based on the work steps of the HOST system and the corresponding time to do the pipeline operation instructions. After completion, it is necessary to measure the time of each operator on the pipeline. Actions that affect efficiency, and then continue to improve the file.

3. There are two main parts in the calculation of production capacity

(1) Calculation of personnel and equipment

(2) Calculation of the board

Purpose: Improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity

Premise: Fully understand the production process

Metric: time & money

4. Situations involving changes in Layout version

Content: Assess whether the changed requirements are feasible and need to be approved by the customer. Provide area data and other support for other departments.

Optimization: Improve the plant layout

These three points are the most important three modules or methods for effective time management. The field of wire harness cannot be ignored, because the most expensive cost in the field of wire harness is time, which is different from other projects. The investment differs greatly from products such as engines and powertrains.

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