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Recommendations for entry into the COVID-19 epidemic area

Conduct exit screening at international airports and ports in the affected areas, with the aim of early detection of symptomatic travelers for further evaluation and treatment, and thus prevent the exportation of the disease. while minimizing interference with international traffic.

Recommendations for entry into the COVID-19 epidemic area

Exit screening includes checking for signs and symptoms (fever above 38°, cough), interview of passengers with respiratory infection symptoms leaving the affected areas with regards to potential exposure to high-risk contacts or to the presumed animal source, directing symptomatic travelers to further medical examination, followed by testing for COVID-19 and keeping confirmed cases under isolation and treatment.

Encourage screening at domestic airports, railway stations, and long-distance bus stations as necessary.

Travelers who had contact with confirmed cases or direct exposure to the potential sources of infection should be placed under medical observation. High-risk contacts should avoid travel for the duration of the incubation period (up to 14 days).

Implement health information campaigns at points of entry to raise awareness of reducing the general risk of acute respiratory infections and the measures required, should a traveler develop signs and symptoms suggestive of infection with the COVID-19 and how they can obtain assistance.

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