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Requirements for fixed industrial connectors

Usually, in the application process of industrial connectors, the force will be generated, at this time, some requirements of the connector need to be determined to ensure that the connector can be firmly connected. The following yeahui introduces these requirements to you:

Requirements for fixed industrial connectors

The insertion and extraction force of the connector is to confirm that the force generated by the connector during use can be sufficient to maintain the function of the connector and can be suitable for the user.

The locking force of the connector is to ensure that the connector will not be disconnected under unexpected conditions during use.

In the process of manufacturing or using the connector, it is necessary to ensure that the connector is in contact with the terminal and to avoid the external force causing the contact terminal to deviate from the working position, resulting in the loss of connection function.

Maintain the positive contact stress of the connector during use to ensure that the connector maintains a sufficiently low contact resistance and friction during use to ensure the connection function

Mainly to confirm that the connector meets the functional requirements during the use period.

Make sure that the cable and connector are securely connected, and avoid external forces on the cable acting on the connector and causing damage to the cable and connector.

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