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5G brings opportunities to the connector industry

China, as the largest connector market and has a good market environment, in many ways is greatly conducive to the development of connector companies. With the country's active deployment of 5G network construction in the past two years, connectors in the field of connectors, especially those that transmit data, have a very good early stage of development.

5G brings opportunities to the connector industry

While the 5G network is advancing, the market demand is not only fiber optic connectors but also the demand for high-end coaxial RF connectors, RF antennas, high-speed backplane connectors, QSFP, etc. are increasing synchronously.

The advent of this 5G era has also enabled many domestic and foreign communication equipment manufacturers to show their talents. These include domestic Huawei, ZTE, Shanghai Bell and foreign Nokia, Motorola, etc. have all launched commercial related products. In the core network, fiber optic cable, wiring equipment, and other fields, priority is given to benefits, followed by access network equipment and network optimization, test equipment, terminal operators, value-added services and operation and maintenance service providers have successively benefited.

After the implementation of the 5G network, the related equipment of the access network that is subsequently applied must also reach the high rate standard to play a role. 5G also provides a lot of room for the development of autonomous driving. It can provide a large amount of data for us to make a faster and more correct response in special situations. Automotive connectors also bring an opportunity, such as diagnostic connectors, data connectors.

Under the influence of 5G, many industries have been rapidly developed. As connectors are necessary for system equipment, the demand will also increase.Yeahui is a connector supplier with 11 years of experience in developing high-quality connectors and wiring harnesses. We have many types of products, including obd connector, circular connector, agricultural connector and so on. We can meet the requirements of various customers. Feel free to learn more about connectors or buy our connectors, looking forward to your message.

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