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production reliability of the connector

Connectors need to undergo a pair of processes in the production process, so we need to carry out strict standards for each process to ensure the production reliability of the connector.

production reliability of the connector

Process reliability

The processing technology of the shell, the injection molding and gluing of the insulator, the molding and gold plating of the contacts, the assembly process of the electrical connector, and the termination of the cable are all important to the inherent reliability of the product.

Gold-plated contact parts are manually barrel-plated, which often results in the inner wall of individual jacks being partially without a coating and showing an oxidized color. Ultrasonic gold-plating production lines are introduced, and the thickness of the gold-plating layer is strictly monitored with instruments to form a uniform film on the inner wall, which improves contact reliability.

Test reliability

The electrical connector is strengthened in all key processes, and strict products are screened to eliminate failed products. In the delivery test, in addition to the conventional electrical performance indicators, 100% appearance quality inspection should be carried out, especially the inspection of extras. It is very important to check the nature of the defect with a stereo microscope when necessary, in addition to visual inspection and the use of a magnifying glass. In the process of settlement test and secondary supplementary screening, strict control must be carried out according to the quality level specified by the standard. When the failure rate is exceeded, failure analysis should be performed for each batch of products to find out the cause of failure and take effective improvement measures.

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