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Design reliability of the connector

Connectors are important components of various electrical systems and are mainly responsible for signal and power transmission. The importance is self-evident, so we need to put their reliability first when designing connectors. So where does the design reliability of the connector manifest itself?

Design reliability of the connector

Reasonable selection

Material selection is an important prerequisite to ensure the electrical performance and reliability of the electrical connector. The material used in the electrical connector determines the upper limit of the operating temperature, and the decisive factor is the insulating material, the sealing material used for the environmentally sealed electrical connector, the adhesive material, the shell Body and contact materials. Material selection involves the mechanical, electrical, environmental and other performance requirements of the connector and the physical and chemical properties of the material itself. Among them, the thermal properties of materials (heat-resistant temperature, thermal conductivity, high-temperature strength, thermal deformation, etc.) are the main factors that must be considered in the design. Electrical connector insulators are made of different insulating materials, and their electrical properties such as insulation and voltage resistance are also significantly different. In selecting electrical connector housings and contacts, in addition to considering conductivity, thermal conductivity, and structural rigidity, the electrochemical compatibility and hardness matching of the mating and contact materials should also be considered.

Structure of the connector

The structure of the connector is an important factor that determines the reliability of the product. A reasonable structure not only avoids errors, but also improves the stability of the structure. The confidential connection between the system and the connector can prevent signal and power loss. Therefore, when designing the connector, you must also consider the fixation of the connector to prevent the connector from falling off.

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