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Common insulation materials

When using connectors, we have given the most consideration to safety, because if an accident occurs and the consequences are serious, a fire will occur. Therefore, in the manufacturing process, we need to consider the insulation material of the connector. There are three types of insulation materials that are more commonly used.

Common insulation materials

PBT material, generally used PBT material is added with 20% to 30% glass fiber, has the ability to resist cracking impact, anti-electricity, good abrasion resistance, low friction coefficient, good lubrication effect, oil and chemical resistance Good drug properties. It still has good dielectric strength under high temperature and high humidity. Its shrinkage ratio is between about and 60 ° C. Its temperature resistance is about degree. It has good moldability and flame resistance. Most of the plastic materials of current connector manufacturers choose PBT This plastic.

ABS material, it has good impact toughness, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, relatively easy to form, good rigidity, good rigidity, and its temperature resistance is about 100 degrees, generally used for auxiliary products in connectors.

LCP material, LCP material has a temperature resistance between 290 and 320, but its water absorption is large, and it is generally used for products with high temperature resistance and less pitch.

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