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Reasons for the difference in connector plating quality

In order to ensure the quality of the gold-plated layer, connector manufacturers often repeatedly study the problems that may occur in the quality of gold-plating technology. Regarding the color of the gold-plated layer of the connector of the connector is different from the normal gold-plated color, and the gold-plated layer in the same product is significantly different The problems have been explained, and the basic mountains can be summarized into the following 4 reasons:

Reasons for the difference in connector plating quality

The effect of impurities in gold plating raw materials. When the gold plating process is performed, the impurities brought in by the plating solution's chemical materials will exceed the gold plating solution's use standard and will soon affect the color and brightness of the gold layer. The phenomenon of darkening and flowering of the cash layer or the interference of metal impurities will cause the effective range of the current density to be narrowed, which will show that the low end of the current density is not bright or the high end is not bright and the low end is not coated.

The current density of the gold plating is too large. When the total area of the plating parts of the gold plating process is incorrectly calculated, the value is larger than the actual surface area, and the amount of gold plating current is excessive. Or when the vibration electroplating gold is used, the amplitude is too small. In this way, the gold plating of some of the plated parts in the plating bath is rough, and the gold layer will be visually red.

The aging of the gold plating solution, during production, due to the use of some gold plating solutions for too long, excessive accumulation of impurities in the plating solution will inevitably cause the abnormal color of the gold layer of gold plating products.

The content of the alloy in the hard gold plating layer changes because of the needs of some gold plating processes. In order to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the connector, a hard gold plating process is generally used. Among them, gold-cobalt alloys and gold-nickel alloys are used more. When the content of cobalt and nickel in the plating solution changes, the color of the gold plating layer changes, so this will result in the same batch of products provided to customers. When the cash layer is not the same color.

When producing and designing connectors, because of different product requirements, there will also be different plating processes, especially when some customer-customized connector products often require relatively high electrical performance requirements, so connector manufacturers will Different gold plating processes are used according to different needs.

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