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High frequency PCB design tips and methods

The 45 ° angle of the transmission line should be used to reduce the return loss.

It is necessary to use high-performance insulated circuit boards whose insulation constant values are strictly controlled in layers. This method facilitates the effective management of the electromagnetic field between the insulating material and adjacent wiring.

High frequency PCB design tips and methods

It is necessary to perfect PCB design specifications related to high-precision etching. It is necessary to consider specifying a total line width error of + / inch, managing the undercut and cross section of the wiring shape, and specifying the wiring sidewall plating conditions. The overall management of wiring (wire) geometry and coating surfaces is important to address the skin frequency effects associated with microwave frequencies and to achieve these specifications.

There are tapped inductances in protruding leads. Avoid using leaded components. In high frequency environments, it is best to use surface mount components.

For signal vias, avoid using a pth process on the sensitive board, as this process can cause lead inductance at the vias.

Provide a rich ground plane. Molded holes are used to connect these ground planes to prevent 3D electromagnetic fields from affecting the circuit board.

To choose non-electrolytic nickel or immersion gold plating, do not use HASL for electroplating.

The solder mask prevents the solder paste from flowing. However, due to the uncertainty of thickness and the unknown of insulation performance, covering the entire board surface with solder resist material will cause large changes in the electromagnetic energy in the microstrip design. Solder dam is generally used as the electromagnetic field of the solder mask.

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