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Common problems in RF circuit design

In the actual circuit design, you will encounter various strange problems, which requires you to accumulate experience through practice. The really practical trick is how to deal with these guidelines and rules when they cannot be accurately implemented due to various design constraints. Of course, there are many important RF design topics worth discussing, including impedance and impedance matching, insulation materials and laminates, wavelengths and standing waves, etc. Careful planning under the premise of comprehensive understanding of various design principles is a guarantee of successful one-time design .

Common problems in RF circuit design

1.Interference between digital circuit modules and analog circuit modules

If the analog (RF) and digital circuits work separately, they may each work well. However, if the digital signal cannot be well separated from the RF signal. Weak radio frequency signals may be damaged. As a result, the performance of wireless devices will deteriorate, or even they will not work at all.

2. Noise interference from power supply

RF circuits are quite sensitive to power supply noise, especially to glitch voltages and other high-frequency harmonics. The microcontroller will suddenly draw most of the current within a short period of time within each internal clock cycle. This is because modern microcontrollers are manufactured using CMOS processes.

3.Unreasonable ground

If the ground of the RF circuit is not handled properly, some strange phenomena may occur. For digital circuit design, even without a ground plane, most digital circuit functions perform well. In the RF band, even a short ground lead acts like an inductor. Without a ground plane, most ground wires will be longer and the circuit will not be designed.

4. Radiated interference of antenna to other analog circuit parts

In PCB circuit design, there are usually other analog circuits on the board.

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