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Harness Processing Manufacturing Upgrade

In the context of global environmental conservation, new energy vehicles have become an inevitable trend in the development of automobiles worldwide. PwC's first blueprint for the Chinese auto industry, released on December 8, states that China's new energy vehicle sales are far ahead of other markets in the world. With the government's vigorous support for new energy vehicles, China's new energy vehicle era has arrived. Global sales of new energy vehicles reached 500,000 in 2015, of which 330,000 were sold in China, three times the previous year, and far ahead of other markets in the world. Accelerating development, Internet giants and other emerging players are actively entering the market, bringing pressure and shock to traditional car manufacturers and dealers. There is no doubt that new energy and intelligent connected cars have become the mainstream of the automotive industry, and the demand for applicable wiring harnesses will also increase significantly.

Harness Processing Manufacturing Upgrade

Automotive wiring harness-the nervous system of the automobile Automotive wiring harness is the main body of the network of the automobile circuit, and it is the connection component of the automobile electrical system. The operating conditions and parameters of the car are directly reflected on the on-board computer through the wiring harness, so it has traditionally been called the "blood vessel" of the car. The electronic technology content of automotive wiring harnesses has gradually become an important indicator for evaluating automotive performance. Automotive wiring harnesses are usually the last component completed on a vehicle model. They are the assembly of cables or wires for transmitting signals or electricity on the car. The wires are assembled together with the help of different components, such as cable ties, electrical tape, conduit or a combination of these, to form a complete wiring assembly. Compared with individual wires, automotive wiring harnesses can better protect the wires from vibration.

With the widespread application of integrated circuits and various MCUs in automobiles, the number of ECUs (Electronic Control Units) on the vehicle is increasing, which makes automotive wiring systems large and complex, and also requires data transmission. With the continuous improvement, the design of automotive wiring harnesses is also complicated. Companies have developed design software and CAD tools to design automotive wiring harnesses.

The arrival of 5G will affect the development of the entire world, especially the electronics industry, such as automobiles, Ethernet lines, connectors, and so on. These industries are at the vanguard of the development of the times and will enter a period of rapid development in the future.The advent of driverless driving has led to the development of many electronic products, such as some automotive electronic equipment, automotive wiring harnesses, automotive connectors and so on.Yeahui is a connector supplier with 11 years of experience in developing high quality connectors and wiring harnesses. wo have many types of products, including obd connector, circular connector, agricultural connector and so on.We can meet the requirements of various customers. Feel free to learn more about connectors or buy our connectors,looking forward to your message.

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