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How to judge the problems in harness processing

There is a noticeable break between the cable and the cable end, which may cause the cable to break. The outer insulation and cable termination may be complete, but the inner cable and cable termination of the cable may break, which may happen. Harness cable guides and cable terminations are tensile tested. During the tensile test, if the insulation layer of the cable gradually narrows, you can confirm that the cable has broken;

How to judge the problems in harness processing

When the ordinary wiring harness has a poor contact problem, the connector is likely to have a problem. When opening the electrical equipment, touch or pull the corresponding connector of the electrical equipment and determine by touch that when the connector is installed, the operation of the electrical equipment is normal and abnormal, which means that the connector is not well tested;

The outer insulation and cable lugs of some cable harnesses are intact, but the inner core cable and cable connector have been broken, which may cause the cable to break. The harness pack connectors and control switches at both ends of the electrical equipment can be removed. Electric meter or test lamp to detect short circuit of the line to be tested;

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