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Driverless is coming

By now most people have heard about or seen video footage showing driverless Google cars navigating highways and byways. The concept is nothing short of revolutionary and well on its way to making headway into mainstream markets. Autonomous vehicles and heavy equipment for military and industrial applications work on the same basic principles, typically providing options for either fully automated or manual operation.

 Driverless is coming

Autonomous engineering leverages technology to mimic five senses Designed to be faster and more agile than an operator relying on his five senses, unmanned vehicles and equipment are quickly gaining traction in the military, agricultural and commercial sectors. The design engineers are tasked with developing and specifying the right blend of technologies to most effectively do so. Leveraging the mechatronic equivalents of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch, autonomous vehicles basically mimic the complex network of physiological sensory input and responses a trained driver, operator orpilot displays when manning a vehicle.

Overcoming barriers with proven robust electronic components. Autonomous vehicles leverage a broad array of technologies to enable GPS, cameras and sensors to serve as the system brain. The electronic components that serve as a foundation for autonomous vehicles include rugged, sealed, high-speed interconnects that can handle vibration and extreme temperatures. Many of today’s autonomous vehicles utilize smart antennas providing a powerful combination of quad band, GSM, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies in a single antenna. Equipped with Ethernet switches, autonomous vehicles can not only process, but transmit enormous amounts of high-speed data to a remote operator or centralized control location. Conversely, Ethernet switches enable a remote operator to monitor a machine’s progress and, if need be, assume manual control. Just as a driver continually scans left and right, the remote operator can do so via real-time video. High-speed ruggedized flex cable provides connections within autonomous vehicles that enable data volume and speed and precision movement responses.

Equipped for bomb detection, military and mining operations, ruggedized unmanned bots and vehicles improve worker safety. Agile UAVs can quickly span distances while wirelessly streaming digital video to a central command post.

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