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why to meet the reliability and durability of auto connector

Auto connector primarily meet their reliability and durability standards. Today's cars rely heavily on electronics to control critical systems, including steering, brakes, airbags, and GPS navigation, which means that the electronic connectors used in critical electronic systems must be extremely reliable and durable. Here are 3 main challenges to meet auto connector reliability and durability standards.

why to meet the reliability and durability of auto connector

Auto connector processing temperature:

Because the car sometimes needs to be ignited in cold weather, then the auto connector needs to be suitable for low temperature environment, and once the engine runs for a certain time, the temperature will rise, then the car connector is required for high temperature environment. Therefore, there are also very high requirements for the normal temperature range of auto connectors.

Shock and vibration performance of auto connector:

Because designing interconnect solutions that can withstand the low-frequency and high-frequency vibrations typical of automotive applications is challenging, the vibration range includes low-frequency sources caused by unbalanced wheels on the vehicle to high-frequency caused by engine turbochargers Vibration, while impact loads vary. In some extremes, an undamped impact can produce a force of 100 Gs on the impact surface.

Auto connector sealing technology:

Many electronic products traditionally used in automotive applications have been developed for environments that are generally not susceptible to moisture and chemicals. Some manufacturers have been able to use their industry experience to implement sealing technology designed to meet specifications. Manufacturers need anti-corrosive materials to ensure that connectors can survive in wet and corrosive environments for use in exposed to the external environment Vehicle engines, batteries and systems.

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