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What type of connector do new energy vehicles need?

New energy vehicles refer to energy vehicles other than gasoline and diesel engines. For example: hybrid cars, hydrogen-powered cars, solar cars, fuel cell cars, etc. These cars have one thing in common-they have relatively low exhaust emissions, so they are also called "green cars". In order to ensure environmental protection, in addition to being safer, the electrical connectors used also require environmental protection.

What type of connector do new energy vehicles need?

These green cars have a working voltage range of 400V-600V and a working current range of 50A-300A or even higher. During operation, the operating union will inevitably come into contact with the engine compartment during the entire life cycle of the car, so a higher standard of protection against electric shock is required. In order to ensure safe operation and prevent automobile combustion, connectors need to be specially designed and developed.

New energy automotive electrical connectors first consider the weight, strength and ease of processing when selecting the shell material, and the stability of the material properties of the connector terminals and the conductivity at different temperatures need to be considered; the second is to ensure high voltage and high current In this case, the temperature rise cannot exceed the rated value, so thermoplastic housings and silicone-sealed electrical connectors are often chosen because they can withstand extreme humidity and temperature.

There are many kinds of structures used by connectors, and different structures have different advantages, such as: using keying / polarization treatment to prevent improper joining without spear contacts, to prevent damage or entanglement; integral CPA to prevent accidental unlocking; interfaces Sealing with wires helps protect the environment and more. Design can be considered according to actual needs.

Now the car entertainment system is constantly expanding. In order to give the driver a wider field of view, some models will install a camera on the reversing mirror, the car has a USB interface for data transmission, and so on. Sometimes an electrical connector is required to transmit GPS signals. With broadcast signal problems, the ability to transmit data needs to be improved.

Car engines are usually in front of the car and generate heat. Even if protected by a firewall, there will still be heat conduction, which requires the electrical connector to have the advantage of withstanding high temperatures. The service life of the connector is usually 3-5 years, but the service life of the electrical connector on the car is the same as that of the car, that is, the shortest life time is 10 years. This requirement is quite high, and the material selected must have Advantages of high service life.

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