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Features of high-quality waterproof connectors

In our daily life, many people do not use electrical equipment to break down when they encounter water, so they try to avoid water when using electrical equipment. However, this way of avoiding it does not make these electrical equipment waterproof. Generally speaking, it is a cure for the symptoms. Therefore, in many environments where both electricity and water are used, there must be a product that can make water and electricity harmonize with each other without damaging performance. In order to achieve this purpose, the waterproof connector was born, so the waterproof connector is the waterproof plug we often talk about, and we also call it the plug and socket in China. The waterproof connector is used for excellent waterproof performance. In the environment with water, the waterproof connector seems to be unmanned, without any interference, and can still guarantee its own mechanical and electrical performance. The waterproof connector is not only able to waterproof and moisture, but also has a certain dustproof function.

Features of high-quality waterproof connectors

The specific size of the waterproof and dustproof functions can be divided in this way, and the grade of the waterproof connector can be understood from the logo on the waterproof connector. There is also an introduction to the waterproof logo of the waterproof connector. Generally, the logo will only say IPXX (XX represents two numbers). The first number refers to the ability to prevent dust, 6 is the best. The next number naturally indicates the ability to waterproof, the highest is 8. So it is not difficult to understand that the best grade of waterproof connectors is IP68. The waterproof connector on the level can completely prevent the infiltration of dust, and even if it is submerged under a certain water pressure, the waterproof connector will not be damaged by water. Because it is very susceptible to wind and rain when outdoors, the protection level of the waterproof connector generally used outdoors is very high, at least above the IP67 level. For an excellent waterproof connector, the following Point performance characteristics:

(1) It must be high in the level of waterproofing, and it must be able to meet the universal waterproofing standards abroad.

(2) Within the specified temperature range, the electrical performance of the waterproof connector will not be affected, and it can be used normally.

(3) The waterproof connector contains nickel alloy. It is necessary to ensure that the current performance will not be lost during the transmission process.

If you need to use waterproof connectors, you can contact Shenzhen Yahui Electronics Co., Ltd. to provide you with quality products and services. But if you want to take a look at the market, Shenzhen Yahui Electronics Co., Ltd. provides you with a method of purchasing waterproof connectors, I hope to help you after reading this article!

(1) First look at whether the waterproof connector can really be waterproof. You can look at the logo of the waterproof connector and check the waterproof rating of the waterproof connector.

(2) Because the requirements of waterproof connectors are much higher than ordinary connectors, special attention should be paid to whether the connecting machine line is strong and durable when selecting.

(3) Pay attention to the interface type of the waterproof connector. Generally, the terminals of different water-proof connectors are different, so you can hold the terminals to test whether they can be used.

(4) Before buying a waterproof connector, you can learn some common knowledge about waterproof connectors, because this will often help you to identify the quality without being flickered by the seller.

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