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What should connector manufacturers do in an age of aging?

As living conditions get better and better, and the awareness of physical safety is enhanced, the age of aging is coming. The demand for medical care products is extremely strong, and the explosive growth of the medical device market has brought great opportunities to connector manufacturers. On November 24, the "Blue Book for Smart Pensions: China's Smart Pension Industry Development Report (2018)" was officially released. The report points out that the main form of intelligent elderly care in the future is the widespread use of furniture. Only healthy community construction will become the main development direction. The intelligent care service industry will enter the mature period in 2020, and China will also welcome it after 2022 The second peak of the elderly population growth, the average annual growth of the elderly is expected to 11 million. This shows that furniture can only be used, and smart medical care will become an important direction for connector manufacturers.

What should connector manufacturers do in an age of aging?

For the coming of the ageing population, how should the medical device market connector manufacturers respond? What are the conditions for medical device connectors? What product characteristics do connector manufacturers need to make to meet them? This article by YEAHUI ELECTRONIC LIMITED takes everyone to understand what conditions the medical device connector needs to have, I hope to help you after reading this article!

One. Plug-in resistance High-quality mechanical properties, medical diagnosis can be started or used up to 5 million times, these repeated use settings have higher requirements on the quality of the connector. High-quality connectors can stand the test for a long time.

Two. Stability High-quality environmental performance. Medical treatments often use cleaning, sterilizing, disinfecting and other potions. Connectors need high-quality environmental performance.

Three. Anti-vibration For rotating dental tools for cleaning teeth, the connector needs to withstand the impact of shock, vibration and other aspects, and it must have good impact resistance.

Four. High-speed transmission Equipment designed for home use must be able to communicate with the medical team of experts in diagnosis. Fixed imaging equipment needs to be able to quickly transmit signals between departments or facilities, and the connectors in these equipment must be able to facilitate fast data transmission .

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