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Connectors must meet industrial applications

In modern industrial production, due to the processing machinery and manufacturing principles, the production environment is difficult, and there may be a lot of factors such as heat, dust, moisture, corrosive liquids and vibrations. These factors may affect components and connections The life of the connector, so when manufacturing connectors for industrial applications, not only waterproof and dustproof, but also to ensure that no signal is lost. As for the connector, we have explained a lot to you earlier. What this article wants to introduce is the industrial application requirements that industrial connectors must meet when they are used. I hope that after reading this article, it will be helpful to everyone!

Connectors must meet industrial applications

First, the machine transmission speed should be fast

Production efficiency is very important for industrial production. Data transmission is one of the important links to improve efficiency and increase output. This is a technology that connector manufacturers need to pay attention to.

Second, the good mask function of the connector

A good mask function is not only waterproof and dustproof, but also to prevent external signal interference and noise protection. There are many electronic devices in industrial production, so signal interference may be a serious problem. In order to ensure more stable transmission, you must To reduce interference. In addition, noise is an important factor affecting signal stability in noisy factories, so industrial connector manufacturers can make improvements based on environmental factors.

Third, the good product design details of the connector

Due to the relatively large equipment and size of industrial production, every detail is important, even just a screw. Therefore, industrial connector manufacturers need to investigate detailed information, for example, to avoid inserting in the wrong direction, a foolproof door lock must be used, a safety lock must have a nut, and in order to make it available on each end It must be capable of wiring, and the external board must have a ground wire to connect it to the connector housing.

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