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What you need to pay attention to when choosing a connector

Connectors and connectors are relatively common electronic components in modern manufacturing applications, and are crucial in improving manufacturing. The use of connectors in our production and life of electronic products is needless to say. Electronic products without connectors are furnishings without any effect. Although it is the main body and the connector is only an accessory, the importance of the two is the same of. In particular, the time for information transmission when realizing electromechanical equipment shows the important role of connectors. Because of connectors, the importance of connectors highlights the importance of their own quality. Its important role also needs to benefit from the reliable quality of its products. Choosing high-quality connector products is the key to determining our quality of life, but it will also cause us a lot of confusion. So what do we need to pay attention to when selecting a connector? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone after reading this article.


1. Structural size: The external dimensions of the connector are very important. The connector has certain space restrictions in the product, especially the connector on the single board, which cannot interfere with other components. Select the appropriate installation method according to the use space (the front installation and the rear installation are fixed with screws, collars, rivets, or the connector's own bayonet quickly locked, etc.) and shape (straight, curved, T-type) , Circle, square).

2. Impedance matching: Some signals have impedance requirements, especially for RF signals. The impedance matching requirements are more stringent. Impedance mismatch sometimes causes signal reflection, which affects signal transmission. Generally, signal transmission has no impedance to the connector. special requirements

3. Shielding: With the development of communication products, EMC is getting more and more attention. When selecting a connector, a metal shell is required. At the same time, the cable needs a shield. The shield must be connected to the metal shell of the connector to achieve shielding. As a result, it is also possible to use an injection molding method to wrap the plug part with a copper sheath, and the shield layer of the cable and the copper sheath are welded together.

4. Anti-misinsertion: There are two aspects of anti-misinsertion: On the one hand, the connector itself, the connector itself rotates 180 degrees, and the signal is incorrectly connected due to misplaced connections. At this time, you need to choose the anti-misplug connector as much as possible, or Adjust the relative position of the connectors to make the assembly unique; on the other hand, in order to reduce the type of material, several signals use the same connector. At this time, it may happen that the A plug is plugged into the B plug. At this time, you need to pay attention to If this situation will cause serious consequences (non-simple alarm, destructive), the A and B interfaces must be selected as different types of sockets.

5. Connector reliability: The connector is used to connect signals, so the connection part must be reliable (for example, surface contact is better than point contact, pinhole type is better than leaf spring type, etc.).

6, the use of the environment: the connector is used outdoors, indoor, high temperature, high humidity, salt spray, mold, cold and other environments, the connector has special requirements.

7. Versatility: In the selection process of the connector, it is necessary to choose common objects as much as possible, especially between the same series of products. The selection of the connector has strong universality, reducing the type of materials, increasing the number and reducing the cost, and reducing Cargo risk.

8. Locking function: In order to prevent the connector from falling off during mating and ensure good contact, the connector needs to have a locking function.

9. Cost: Cost is also a relatively important factor in the selection process. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the appropriate selection of connectors, the connector's own cost and processing costs need to be comprehensively considered.

10. Availability: The supply of connectors will be affected by many factors. Universal connectors are better than non-universal ones. Domestic production is better than foreign production.

11. Insertion and removal frequency.

12. Connectors: Connectors can better reflect their environmental performance in terms of external material design. Because the external environment is extremely complex, it is necessary to adapt to these complex environments to ensure the performance of its performance. Otherwise, not only can it not be very Good work can be dangerous. There are many harsh environments now, and there are many types of special connectors for harsh environments that are more common in connector design. You can choose according to actual needs. Among them, high temperature, high humidity, corrosion, salt and other environments have finished products. for selection.

13. Brand and appearance: Because the main quality of the connector is in the interior, especially the internal circuit, this is not visible to the naked eye, so you must remember to look at the brand and appearance when purchasing, it is best to ask for warranty.

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