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Car hidden locator

How do I find out if a locator is installed on the car? Generally speaking, it ’s easy to find, but sometimes we do n’t have a rule and do n’t know where to start. It may waste a lot of our time. exclude.

Checking the exterior of a car

Car hidden locator

1. We need a car user manual to check if a certain part is an inherent component of the car. We also need a flashlight to check the dark part of the car.

Some locators will be adsorbed on a part of the car surface, like a magnetic box, with a large volume, we can easily find such locators. But not all positioners are like this. We need to check further to see if there are suddenly more wires on the outside of the car. This is often the signal of the installed positioner. At this time, we need to check the user manual to avoid pulling out the important components of the car itself.

2 Inspect the bottom of the car. Like an auto mechanic, lie down and use a flashlight to check whether there is positioning equipment installed around the chassis of the car. Most tracker installation companies like to install the device near the chassis of the car. We need to pay close attention to the periphery of the chassis. The tracker needs to cooperate with GPS satellites to function. If it is installed in a place obscured by metal, the tracker will not work well. effect. So when we check the bottom of the car, those places that can accept GPS signals well are the focus of our attention.

3. Inspect the wheel area, such as the plastic shroud above the wheel. We double-checked that the tracker is likely to be installed here if there are signs of bending or loosening in some parts.

4. Check the fuel tank of the car. Usually, it is an ideal place to install the positioner, because the surface of the part is metal, and the signal reception will not be blocked.

5. You can remove the tire and check it. Usually this part is not the ideal position for installing the locator. We don't recommend to check it. If you are not sure and need to look, then you should pay attention not to pull out the internal wiring sensor.

6. Check the car roof, usually it is one of the places where the positioner is installed. But only in these two cases, one is that your car is relatively high, SUV type. The second is that your car has a sunroof, usually a miniature locator can be easily installed in this area.

7. Check the bumper. This is the most external location where we can ignore the positioner. The positioner under the front bumper can be easily connected to the car's circuit system, so don't forget to refer to the car user manual before removing anything to avoid errors.

8. Because the front of the car is often inspected by the driver or owner, it is a very unsatisfactory location for installing a locator. It is the last option we consider when we check the exterior of the car. We just need to check it quickly. If we can't find the installation position of the locator at this time, we need to focus on inspecting the interior of the car.

Checking the interior of a car

1. Look under the dashboard of the car. In most cars, there are usually related panels. You can open them to see if there are loose wiring inside. There is no close fit like other wires. There are traces of operation. Then follow the wire to find the source location, just use your hand to slowly touch the vines underneath. It is worth noting that automotive OBD sockets are usually the best place to install the positioner.

2. Don't forget to check the position of the car cushion, you can disassemble them for inspection. Generally, the parts that can be disassembled cannot be ignored.

3. Look under the carpet and seats. Use a flashlight to look under the seat. Keep in mind that some seats have a built-in heating system, so please carefully compare the surface of the front seats to see if there are any abnormalities.

4. When checking the trunk, we need to keep in mind that most GPS trackers cannot receive signals through metal objects, so we should focus on the area directly below the car's rear window when checking.

Check with GPS detector

Use a GPS detector to scan the car. The hand-held detector makes it easy to locate the tracker in the car, because it can detect the signals sent and received by the tracker. However, some devices can escape these sensors or detectors when they store information for later retrieval. Therefore, when a friend is driving a vehicle, make sure to scan, because the positioner may only transmit signals intermittently or only when the car is traveling.

If you still can't find it, you can seek professional services to find the locator in your vehicle. Such as hiring car alarm installers, experienced automotive engineers.

Having said all this, do you find it difficult to find the location of the car locator? Actually, it is not. We just imagine various situations to avoid you missing some places, but when you search carefully, often we can quickly Find it, this is not like finding a needle in a haystack, because the locator is small and has volume, and because it needs to be coordinated with GPS satellites, the position that can be installed is basically limited. You should be confident that you can discover it.

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