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Sensor and connector fusion

At present, China Information Research Institute has released the "China Intelligent Development Index Report (2019)". The report shows that the intelligent development index of China is 49.92, and the intelligent development index of 16 provinces and cities is higher than the national average.

Sensor and connector fusion

Consumers are not unfamiliar with the term intelligence, especially with the advent of the Internet of Things era, and an intelligent world surrounded by sensors is born. As the basic hardware for the interconnection of all things, the sensor assumes the task of data transmission in all scenarios. As its applications become more widespread, integration with connectors has also become a trend. According to statistics, at least 11 connector companies currently recognized globally have sensors in their product lines.

Traditional sensor manufacturers around the world usually only offer some products. In such a fast-growing and highly differentiated market, the time has come for integration. Facing this opportunity, Molex has added three new terminals and Mini50 sealed connectors, including TAK50 terminals, CTX50 unsealed gold terminals and CTX50 sealed terminals. Whether for internal (non-hermetic) applications or external (hermetic) applications, this type of terminal can realize a miniaturized interconnect system, which is especially suitable for space-constrained applications in automobiles.

Obviously, the complementarity of connectors and sensors will become an inevitable trend. Among them, Chinese connector manufacturing enterprises also have development opportunities. It is expected that more connectors will have modularization, miniaturization and functionalization.

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