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Points to note when selecting a connector

With the design of connectors becoming smaller and smaller, the mobility is getting stronger and stronger, and the interconnection is getting more and more attention. How important is the role of the connector? No matter how powerful the device is, if there is no connector to connect to data I / O or power, the device will not do anything under any circumstances, so the role of the connector is the most critical. However, choosing the right connector for your device is not easy, as there are a large number of commercial mechanical connectors to choose from. The following are points to note when selecting a connector.

Points to note when selecting a connector

There are also special connectors that are resistant to water, gas and even oil. Connector design specifications may specify the level of protection that must be provided to prevent moisture, dust and other hazards. This level is usually described by an IP code, which is usually defined by the connector's specification sheet.

Medical and food applications are environmentally challenging, as are the automotive sector, while aerospace and marine world equipment is more challenging. There may be flammable gas or flammable gas and liquid in the dangerous place of Class 1 and Zone 2, which is another danger that the connector must be guarded against.

Electrical parameters of the connector

Does the connector pass microamp signals or a lot of amp power? Do I have to accommodate high or low frequency digital or analog signals, or maybe a combination? Do you need shielding to protect signal integrity? The same connector that passes electrical signals in any combination may also have to function as a host to obtain fiber information. For medical devices, liquid or gas may need to pass through the same inlet, and custom connectors may be required.

Connector specific industry standard issues

The imposition of specific standards by connector-specific industries is an issue that needs attention. For example, the FDA is deeply involved in medical device standards, the automotive industry has its SAE standards, and the military has proposed a large number of MIL standards.

Connector reliability issues

The reliability of a connector is an extremely critical issue, and it usually depends only on how long the cable will fit into and out of a connector. In some challenging applications, the reason why it is difficult to obtain reliability is that the connector may have to plug and unplug the cable a few times during the life of the device, while in other benign applications, such as connection On and Off-Connecting the phone's micro USB connector to the charging cable may require multiple sessions per week.

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